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Writer's Block: Do Not Forget

What do you never leave home without?
my cell, my computer, my books, my sketchbook (s), my school books, my notebooks, my cords, my mp3 amd headphones, and my wallet :3

Writer's Block: Multiple Personalities

Introduce all your different personalities.
Well I'm a writer so for each personality I've kinda created a character.

Let's see if I can list them all.....

DJ...The idol type
Darrien...The strict chef
Ethan...The bisexual flirt
Evan...The little kid
Derek...The researcher
Sinsay...The depressed atheist
Reverie...The silent type
Ali...The good-natured type
Picies...The carefree school girl
Shey...The child put in the middle of everything
Adrian...The wise Wiccan
Alaric...The artist
Amneaus...The protective type
Julian...The creepy person in the shadows
Shabek...The passive agressive sibling
Lowell...The soldier
Karma...The leader
Vicar...The left-behind lover
Syna...The motherly type
Jamie...The curious child
Crystal...The fad-lover
Elixir...The sensitive boy
Mael...The villian
Virgil...The clueless foriegner

....I can't think of the rest of them at the moment lol
But I believe you get the idea....

Writer's Block: TMI

What is the strangest thing someone has confessed to you?
The first person to confess that they liked me...
the source was VERY unexpected....let's just leave it at that....~sweatdrop~

Writer's Block: Hey Hot Stuff!

You look great today! Give yourself a compliment.
You kep your cool today, Tae. Good job! lol x)

Keep Soul Eater Alive!

Calling all Soul Eater Fans!

I know that there are many fans of this wonderful shonen anime-like myself-who will agree that it was over much too soon!

If you are one of them, please sign the petition to try and help to continue the series by this link:


It may be a long shot, but we need every fan's support in order to bring this closer to becoming a possibility!

Thank you all!

Writer's Block: Pros and Cons

How has technology benefited the world? Or has it worsened it?
well....technogy certainly had made things easier and it's made our society better in some ways...
Criminals can't get away with much due to the devices we have now, and we can talk to people all over the world in nearly no time at all...
However, it has made people lazy. I dare you to find any other time period in history were people waste as much time as most people do nowadays!
With every lighthouse, there is a dark base, I suppose...

Writer's Block: What’s in a Name?

damn, tough call....i already have too many names lol x)
i think i better question would be 'if you could have a different life, what would it be like?'

Writer's Block: Doppelganger Week

Who is your look-alike?
My look alike...
Just about any girl or woman you'd see in an old Indian picure lol

Writer's Block: Play Catch

If my dogs had thumbs, that would mean they would finally have a middle finger to flip me off with!